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Preserve and Store Your Cherished Bed Pillows

Made to textile conservator and museum storage standards for home storage and will protect your quality pillows while stored.  Engineered to fit modern linen closet shelves and allows for stacking several sleeves neatly. Easy to embroider either by hand or machine if you wish! The best possible quality for seasonal storage. I have produced a line of textile storage bags/ sleeves for many years. These NEW pillow sleeves are not intended for long term storage rather, for seasonal storage for your extra or occasionally used pillows. Pillows do have a short life span and I recommend these bags instead of plastic to protect your pillows from dust, mildew and light when not in use. Please follow your manufacturer's instructions for regular cleaning.
Fits 2 standard or queen pillows
*No metal used (this means no rust to transfer to your fabric)
*No plastic used (no off-gassing to stain or cause deterioration of fabrics)
*Includes quilt storage tips
*100% Pre-washed cotton unbleached muslin, high quality 200 thread count
* Designed to protect your precious textile from light and dust, allowing air circulation to reduce mildew.

**NOTE- I do keep a stock on hand but will need additional time to fill large quantity orders. Please contact me if you need more than 6 at a time. I will create a personal listing for you!

This specially designed sleeve is made in a cottage industry setting in the USA. Smoke free and pet free studio. My original copyright design.

Archival Quality Storage Bags For Bed Pillows


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