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New! Archival Quality Tissue for Long Term Storage and Preservation

Pack of 10 pcs 20" x 30"
This tissue is specially processed to be ph neutral (acid free) and is used for storing precious heirloom textiles and paper goods.  I have done a great deal of research and of course have found many opinions as to whether tissue should be buffered or unbuffered.  I chose to carry the unbuffered because of it's wide range of applications and general agreement in the conservation trade.  If you do not know which to use, you can defer to the unbuffered tissue.  

This tissue is used for:
*interleaves between paper and photos
*separating layers of fabrics to minimize fiber breakage
*wrapping dresses, linens and gowns for long term storage
*you can crumble tissue to add volume to packing and to minimize creasing
*wrap precious trinkets to discourage tarnish
*use as a barrier between wood and cardboard for quilts and linens
I HIGHLY recommend using this tissue if you fold your article for storage.  
Archival quality tissue is the perfect companion for Linen Cottage's Archival Quality Storage Sleeves for quilts and table linens.


Acid Neutral Unbuffered Interleaving Tissue 20x30


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