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About Patty

Patty April2019 Tall

I have been collecting, repairing, preserving and re-purposing vintage and antique linens most of my life. Selling on the web since 2003. Textiles have always interested me. I am an avid sewist and I can’t imagine life without sewing and fibers. My creative side in full force, I have added a modern twist to my offerings with custom machine embroidery in the form of quilt labels and fancy monograms. This new aspect (although I have been machine embroidering for over 20 years) is just a way to carry on the age old need to embellish and personalize everyday things that touch our lives. A way to leave our mark for the next generation. 

In addition, if we wish to preserve heirlooms for the next generation, they must be carefully stored.  My Archival Quality Storage Solutions storage bags are the best way to do this.  I designed and manufacture them in my home studio.  They are designed to protect household linens and baby gowns from the worst storage hazards- light and dust. I still love vintage linens and offer them for sale. Finally, I repair and restore linens, baby gowns and as well as some quilt finishing services.  I love to share my experience, skills and of course my opinion!

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Patty McCoy

Tel: 239-225-9566

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