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Hello There!

Linen Cottage evolved from a lifetime of collecting vintage and antique linens. Selling vintage in retail shops and online since 2003. The roots are deep. After years of repairing, preserving, buying and selling I have learned much about how we make our homes more personal by embellishing and caring for even the most humble things like embroidered pillowcases. In these pages, I hope you will find pretty things that give you pleasure. Occasionally, a special old household "linen" will cross my path and I will offer it for sale.

I will work with you personally to help you leave your legacy for the next generation with custom embroidered quilt labels, ways to safely store and care for your precious heirloom linens, bedding and baby gowns, and to clean and repair old linens as well as finish your handmade quilts.
PS- Here is a freebie download for my Easy Floral Market Tote

Linen Cottage Sewing Room
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