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From the Wordpress Blog 27DEC14

Following A Thread...

Many collectors, like me, love to get the story. I mean, we love the hunt, right? Call us pickers, hunters, salers, junkers, whatever. Since my business is vintage and antique linens, I am naturally drawn to textiles and pretty much anything to do with them. I've been at this a few years so, I love it when something I knew nothing about crosses my path. Here's an example:

Tammis Keefe Handkerchief c 1950's

So naturally, I must find out about these unusual miniature works of art. Off to the internet world of knowledge. First Step: Google the name. Wow,there's even a multitude of images and references so, I pick one and follow the thread. Here's a wonderful blog post about Tammis Keefe by Sarah Jane Studios.


Tammis Keefe Handkerchief "Gardening"

Tammis Keefe was the Vera Bradley, Sarah Jane, Mary Englebreit, Vera Neumann, Susan Branch (you get the idea) of the 1950's. Her designs were sought after and highly stylized, colorful images that spoke of the modern age. "Before her death at age forty-six in 1960, Keefe produced approximately four hundred designs for handkerchiefs and at least one hundred for dishtowels, all featuring her trademarks of unexpected color and subtle wit". Who'da thought? So, next on to Ebay.

Another WOW. It turns out that Ebayers also love Tammis. Today alone, there are over 100 listings of her art in the form of handkerchiefs and towels, and they're not cheap!

Tammis Keefe Handkerchief Dogs

I think that the wild, printed handkerchiefs of the 1940's-1960's are becoming quite collectible as you can see by the prices they fetch on selling venues. Looks like it's time to pay more attention to the bags of hankies at yard sales and auctions! I mean, why not? Vintage linens (including hankies) are a category of collectibles worth looking at. Just like any other antique or collectible, they are getting older and people like us will preserve them for future generations! Luckily, they are in the affordable price range for most of us.

Next time you find a gem, follow the thread!

Stay Vintage My Friends,


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