Linen Cottage is an antique and vintage linens dealer based in N Ft Myers Florida selling across many online platforms and at local vintage and antique shows and events. 

Phone orders accepted! 239-225-9566

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Custom Quilt Labels

You have spent a fortune on beautiful fabric, stitched your heart out and finally, the quilt is done, right?  WRONG- the final touch is a custom label- a label that shares your sentiment, when you made it, name of the pattern- whatever you wish the recipient to know.  As an antique and vintage linens dealer, I know the value of provenance.  Adding a label to your quilt will allow the legacy of your love and talent to live on as a cherished heirloom.  I have designed a collection of custom labels made to order.  Select from several designs- more to come. All labels are stitched on pre-washed 100% cotton, white or ivory tone-on-tone subtle print (may vary). Label will be finished on top and bottom with at least a 1" border of extra fabric on the sides so that you can turn the edges under for clean stitched edge. I will gladly use your fabric if you like. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.