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...Came about over seventeen years ago as a hobby.  Since I was a teenager in the 1960's & 1970's, I haunted resale shops, tag sales, antique shops and yard sales always looking for a piece from the past.  I even wore vintage clothing and shoes when I was in high school! I have sold online for years and I continue to repair, restore and sell vintage and antique linens.  But that's not all.

Most Linen Cottage vintage and antique textiles are "Presentation Finished."  I go to great lengths to see that these linens are as beautiful as they can be made. Textile items (unless noted) are soaked, washed, pressed and repaired. I never use starch or fabric finish because long term storage of starched items invite insect damage.  

Find something old- unlike other categories of vintage or antiques, linens are everywhere, woven into everyday life.  They give us pleasure, a link to the past and soften our surroundings.  Find something new- even though many of us would love to smother ourselves in textiles from the past, sometimes we need to fit new items along side our old friends.   Also, you will find special custom and new items like damask pillow shams and pillow covers, linen toweling by the yard and white cotton nightgowns- some offered only online in these pages. Love custom monograms? They're here, too.  I think all this fits nicely with our vintage lifestyle.

Until recently, Linen Cottage was a bricks and mortar store downtown Fort Myers.  I closed the store to concentrate on web sales and do special events, trunk sales and local markets.  I am available to do these events for your group in the southwest Florida area, just contact me.  I love to show my wares at sewing shows, quilt guilds, fancy flea markets and vintage shows.

Linen Cottage is truly a family affair.  Sister Betty Edwards in Colorado and my sister-in-law, Maria McCoy, my "northern buyer" hailing from Michigan are always scouting for vintage, antique linens and pretty things for you. They were right when they said that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  My entire family loves antiques and vintage!

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Welcome to My Cottage

Linen Cottage is a special collection of vintage and antique linens and pretty things selling across several online platforms to those who want excellent condition, carefully selected goods. Very happy to bring you 20th Century linens at affordable prices. For the vintage sewing enthusiast, also offering vintage trims, buttons, fabrics and other interesting dry goods. Stock mix changes almost daily so, check back often! 


I ship to many international destinations.

Additional fees will apply. 

Please check with me before ordering. 

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About This Pretty Lady...


Isn't she beautiful?  You see her everywhere you find Linen Cottage. This is a multi- technique picture that I embellished.  Measures 10x14 and is laser printed on high quality fabric.  I used silk ribbon to embroider the flowers, bridal veil tulleing to give her a soft upper dress bodice and several color seed beads as accents. Her bodice ruffle is embroidery highlighted using gold and shimmering white threads.  And of course, all women look beautiful wearing pearls.  

I will special commission artwork similar to this for you, please inquire.

Patty McCoy

North Fort Myers, FL

Completed September 2015

Linen Cottage is an antique and vintage linens dealer based in N Ft Myers Florida selling across many online platforms and at local vintage and antique shows and events. 

Phone orders accepted! 239-225-9566

Although PayPal handles credit card processing for Linen Cottage, you do not need a PayPal account to use this service!

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